Greetings from Auxilium………

In the 21st century changes takes place in lightening speed. Revolution has taken the whole world by the information Technology. In this senario the role of an educationist is more important than any computer. Only a teacher can touch human heart, shape character, mould moral values with feeling and kindness.
Education is not one of a few a programe in one’s early life , but it is a continuous process till the death. The school is the basic unit in which a child forms the conviction to lead his/her life in the building up of the society.

Auxilium Institution Bandapura, bow before the great visionary Late Rev Sr.Nancy Perera FMA who worked untiringly for the establishment of the School. The aim of the Institution is to cater for the children of the villages around here.

Auxilium Institution follows the threefold Salesian educational criteria of Don Bosco’s preventive system. Reason, Religion and loving kindness. Preventive system is not a system of education but it is a way of life.

Don Bosco believed that the education comprehended the reasonableness of what he/she was doing, or what was being done, he/she did not need external measures inflicted on him/her for maintenance of discipline. Love for God leads a person to love their own brothers and sisters. Here religion means the awareness of the presence of God. The famous phrase “God sees you” is found in all Salesian Schools. It is not a phrase to create fear but to allow him/her to be diligent in duties.

Loving kindness is the integral part of Bosco’s educational pedagogy. The preventive system is based on prevention rather than repression; kindness, and love rather than fear and indifference

We honour and bow our head to our great father Don Bosco for the wonderful method to reach the young; It is not with blows but with loving kindness that we win the hearts of the young.

Teachers, accompanying the young, make a “HOME” for them and that is the life style of every teacher in our institution.

Every child who steps into the portals of this institution must know that he/she is loved and cared.

I am happy that our website is launched in the bicentenary year of the birth of Don Bosco. May the blessing of Our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ and the continuous accompaniment of Our Blessed Mother be with all of us, that we may reach out to many young.

Sr. Jissy Chandy , FMA