Besides the terminal and final examinations, there is the unit test conducted regularly. Results of these will be taken into consideration for promotion.

In consultation with the educating community a day be fixed for the parents to meet the Principal and the concerned staff and sign the progress report of the child.

No examination will be held before or after the time fixed for them.

Pupils should submit a medical certificate along with the leave letter if they are ill during the examination.

Non-payment of fees shall debar a pupil from sitting for any examination. Promotions are decided at the staff council. Hence results are final and cannot be reconsidered.

Awarding of Points

For unit test and terminal examination, points awarded are:

“A+” Grade Above 90% 10 A+: Excellent
“A” Grade
Above 80% 8 A: Very Good
“B+” Grade Above 70% 6 B+: Good
“B” Grade
Above 60% 5 B: Fair
“C” Grade
Above 50% 3 C: satisfactory
“D” Grade
Above 40% 1 D: Unsatisfactory
“E” Grade
Below 39% E: Fail